The ‘fan’ disconnection of the electricity.
Ljubow and Nadezda.
The bootless girl told us: ‘A man took Lubochka to his home for the night and then gave her the patent leather shoes…Nobody gives me shoes…’ An acquaintance told me: In Moscow, during the War – she was under ten years old at the time – another girl and herself were invited onto the roof of a building by a man. He fed them, sat them down on his lap, and then he had a pollution from the roof onto the street.

Death on the road

A car knocked her down on almost exactly the same spot where I photographed her, and if you took a biased view of the event you might decide that the photographer possesses ‘criminal’ foresight.

Woman with a watermelon
Woman with a bucket
Woman with a padded bum

Stuck in the face…
Abandoned by thoughts…
Have to wash it…
Already water is alive…
Already son is at home…
Already days become shorter…
Stuck in the face…
On … my own

Similar triangles of sexual features…
Silent dissent – it’s not the same as having a gun under your armpit.
In Finland all women are pregnant.

I love you’ was written on the wall in red aniline paint.

As always, the return from America brought a beautiful night…
‘Come here, I want to show you something, ‘she said, and led him into the kitchen. There she grabbed an iron implement, heated it until it glowed, then suddenly pressed it to her own hand.
‘I’ll do anything for you…’
‘Never, never do that again.’

Beauty will save the world.
I like when is something greenish behind a window

“Look at me”
I look at water…
It’s like the shout of the basketball player: ‘Everybody look at me…’

Solo exhibitions (selected)

Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona, (Spain)
Museo Serralves, Porto (Portugal)

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The Insulted and the Injured. Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York
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BildMuseet, Humea (Sweden)
Orchard Gallery, Derry (GB),
The Photographic Museum, Helsinki,
Saatchi Gallery, London
Boris Mikhailov. The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Dvir Galerie, Tel Aviv (Israel),
Galerie Barbara Gross, Munich (Germany),
Hasselblad Award Winner. Hasselblad Center, Göteburg (Sweden),

By the Ground. Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana,
Boris Mikhailov. Querini Stampalia Museum, Venecia (Italy)
Case History. DAAD Galerie, Berlín,
Case History and Dance. Scalo Galerie, Zurich (Swiss)
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Boris Mikhailov. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam,
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Boris Mikhailov: Arles. Paris